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Erin Stacey and Trenton Shine first met at an Ayahuasca Ceremony in 2019 and their connection was but a spark. Erin moved to San Diego in 2020 but the two really came together planning their first retreat in 2021.  Together they have bonded over plant medicines, recovery, and their desire to help people heal. That's how Sky Hi Vibe came to fruition. 

Erin Stacey

Erin Stacey Visslailli, as an extremely active leader in the LGBT Community, has been lending her passion, perseverance and lots of blood, sweat and tears to countless nonprofit and political organizations for decades, with her first big accomplishment of leading her school’s team for Hands Across America in the 80’s. Erin brings that same drive and dedication, along with her powerfully positive, infectious personality to everything she does, especially her artistic adventures. She has had 5 of her own plays produced off-Broadway in NYC, has a extensive catalog of photographs and mixed medium artwork, as well as being an accomplished event producer, fundraiser and talent manager. As with all the projects she takes on or mountains she decides to climb, Erin has proven herself a most vital instrument and champion. She is a rising star whose skills, talents and achievements multiply in tandem with her ever-expanding universe of clients, colleagues, peers and business & artistic adventures.


Trenton Shine

Trenton Shine grew up going to spiritual churches with his grandmother who was both a spiritualist and a healer.  Trenton currently lives in the Hillcrest area in San Diego. He has been in the event business for over 2o years, has been on the board or directors of 5 non-profits, is heavily involved in  the recovery community as well as at his church.

Trenton is currently on track to be ordained as a minister at the First Spiritualist Church of San Diego. His philosophy on life has always been that "Laughter is the best medicine" and has been doing performing, directing and teaching improv for 30 years.

Spiritually Trenton pulls from all religions and from his ancestors on his mothers side who are registered Ojibwa with the White Earth Reservation, Minnesota, 

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